WordPress 2.8 Out Now

On June 10th, WordPress 2.8 was released.  This version was named ‘Barker’, after the musician, Chet Barker.

I haven’t upgraded all of my blogs yet – but so far I’m impressed.  It looks and feels a lot like 2.7, which is a good thing – many of my clients hate having to re-learn the admin interface when new versions of WordPress come out.

Performance wise, 2.8 runs very well – I’ve noticed faster load times on some of the more high-traffic blogs, although part of that could be down to the fact that I chose to clean up some un-wanted plugins around the same time as the update.

The improved Widget handling, and the ability to browse the Themes database from within the Admin Panel is something that many of my clients appreciate.

There’s a full list of improvements and features listed in the WordPress 2.8 patch notes. It’s worth taking a lot – there’s been a few back-end changes that plugin developers may need to be aware of.

All the upgrades I’ve done so far have went smoothly – but just in case, if you’re upgrading, remember to take a backup of your blog first!


One response to “WordPress 2.8 Out Now

  1. sassysweetbren

    I am using that version but I can not find a way to merge two categories. That would be nice.

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