Rapid game development with PyGame

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of ideas, and not enough time to implement them.

I’m working on a long term project using the Multiverse MMORPG engine, but the project in question is huge in scope – and although I’m making slow but steady progress, there’s not much to actually SHOW anyone yet.

So, I’ve set myself a challenge – to develop a game a month in PyGame.  I’m not talking about any huge games, just some simple stuff – a flashcard based learning game, a Snake clone, a card matching game, that sort of thing.

The reasoning behind this project is that it will allow me to improve my Python programming skills, whilst building up a portfolio of those all-important finished projects.

This month, I’m experimenting with the basics of PyGame – creating screens, moving sprites, playing sound, etc.  Next month, I’ll get to work on a game project, and post my progress as I go.

3 responses to “Rapid game development with PyGame

  1. I really like pygame. Well I havent learned pygame yet or even python but I am starting them a few days later. I hope it would let me create a pokemon or megaman battle network clone(which I am sure it would).

  2. lesleyharrison

    Thanks for your comment, Mazhar! I hope your game development project is a success.

    I come from a C++ background. PyGame is much nicer in terms of letting you ignore the small stuff, and getting straight down to making a game – which makes it ideal for smaller projects.

    I’d recommend you look for a good text editor (Notepad++ is free) – because Python is incredibly fussy about white spaces and indentation. You can waste ages debugging your code, when the only problem was one line that didn’t line up right!

  3. Thanks for your opinion lesleyharrison. B.t.w I have started python. I am sure I would be able to create those games( I really like those series). and again thanks.

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