Lucid Lynx – Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

So, after the Karmic Koala, we’ll have Lucid Lynx – a realease I’m very much looking forward to, since it will be LTS (Long Term Support).  I’m still running Intrepid on a few of my machines, and I think I’ll hold off on the upgrade until Lucid comes around.

They’re aiming for ‘speed’ with Lucid Lynx – the boot times in Karmic are looking very good, from my brief testing (the only reason I removed it was because my wireless card simply wouldn’t work), so I wonder if they’ll make it to the ten second boot time barrier with Lucid.

Are you looking forward to Lucid?  Have you tested Karmic yet?  If so, what has your experience been like?


7 responses to “Lucid Lynx – Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

  1. can I try to use 10.04 lucid lynx? where I can download it?

  2. Lucid Lynx isn’t out yet – it won’t be out until April next year. It’s still in the very, very early stages of development.

    You can usually find beta releases here:

    At the moment they’re testing the ‘fake’ ISO for Ubuntu Open Week. When there’s an alpha / beta of Lucid it should appear on there, though.

    You can also upgrade to ‘cutting edge’ builds by typing:

    sudo do-release-upgrade -d

    Into a terminal.

    I’d suggest using a spare machine to test alpha / beta builds. Don’t try it on a machine that you need for work 🙂

    Have you tried Karmic Koala yet?

  3. Too bad they didn’t name it Lunatic Lemming 😛
    Is you wi-fi card a broadcom? If so, you can probably fix it in Karmic by forcing a reinstall of the bcmwl-kernel-source package.

  4. Hi extraneu,

    Thanks for your comment! I agree re: the name 🙂

    The wi-fi card is a Belkin one with an annoying chipset (it’s a Wireless G, but the version that wants ndiswrapper instead of working out of the box).

    Every couple of releases it seems to randomly break, but it’s working in the Lucid Alpha QA build – in fact everything works incredibly well! If the actual release works that well, I’ll be really happy 🙂

  5. On early inspection, Lucid Lynx wont see my Ralink wireless network card (doesnt work with ndiswrapper either! – which the previous version did). Without this
    this o/s is completely useless to me.

  6. lesleyharrison

    Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I’m running an older QA build and it works OK for me. I haven’t updated to the Beta 2 yet because my net connection is too unstable to do a big download right now.

    Have you asked in #ubuntu+1 on IRC, or filed a bug about the driver problem? There’s still time for them to fix it before the release.

  7. Ok, finally managed to get the Ralink network wireless card working using Linux native drivers

    so I’m much happier now. Still not sure why ndiswrapper didn’t work, but hey.. at least I have wireless now.

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