Monthly Archives: November 2009

WordPress 2.9 Testing – Get Involved

Do you like to be involved in the development of your favourite open source software?  Are you a WordPress user?  The people at have made it easy to get involved with WordPress beta testing, so why not start now and help with the beta testing of WordPress 2.9?

When you install the plugin, you have two options – Point Release Nightlies, and Bleeding Edge Nightlies.

Installing the point release nightlies is a comparatively safe way to test, since they should be fairly stable – of course, there’s always some risk, so only beta test on a blog if you don’t mind it going down!

If you want to be a true pioneer, you can work with the bleeding edge nightlies – but be warned, you’re venturing into possibly unstable territory, so have backups at the ready!

WordPress 2.9 should be out by the end of this month, or early next month, and this is your chance to get a sneak peek, and also contribute to the stability of the release.  The features so far are looking very good.  I for one can’t wait for the image editor, and the custom post types – which should be a massive boon to anyone wanting to turn their WordPress site into something more CMS like.