2009 Wrap Up

This is my first post as part of an Absolute Write blog chain.  The site runs blog chains every month, and this month, the topic is “Wrap Up List 2009” – a chance to reflect on the previous year. At the bottom of this post you will find a list of the other people participating in the chain. I encourage you to take a look at their blogs – there’s some good writers taking part.

I’m pleased to say that 2009 was a decent year for me.  I’m looking forward to 2010, and plan to build on the foundations set this year.


I had some health issues this year, but my doctors have been great.  I think this is worth mentioning because I moved relatively recently, and the doctors at my former place of residence were terrible.  At one point I had to get so sick I was hospitalized – for something that turned out to need a course of antibiotics – because my old doctor insisted all my symptoms were in my head. If you have a good doctor, be thankful!

I took up weight lifting this year, and I’m working towards a weight goal in bench / deadlift.  I’m planning to buy a squat rack next summer so that I can start squatting more regularly – at the moment it’s awkward  and a little dangerous to try to squat heavy weights, so I’m only doing weights I know I can manage easily to get the form down.

Next year I hope to compete in a powerlifting competition.  I’m not expecting to do well, but at least I’ll be able to say I’ve competed.


In 2008, I started working on my first book, the WordPress-MU Beginner’s Guide. It was published by Packt Publishing in October 2009, and next month I’ll find out how the early sales went.  Initial reviews have been positive, and I learned a lot about the publishing process while working on the title.  I’m looking forward to writing more books with Packt in the future.

I also started working as a proof reader (and I’m sure that mentioning that will mean this post is riddled with typos and other errors).  It’s a job that I enjoy because I get to read interesting books – before they’re published, and get paid to do it!

I’m currently working on a technical review of a book about Ubuntu for tech publishing company O’Reilly, and I’m really enjoying that title too.  My publisher has cleared me to work on a short ebook for O’Reilly, something that I’m very grateful for.  I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about option clauses, so having a publisher that’s willing to work with their authors to maintain a good relationship makes me feel blessed.

Ubuntu Membership

Writing about, and reviewing a book on Ubuntu has made me get more involved with the community.  I’ve already posted about Ubuntu Membership, and that’s something I plan to pursue next year.  This year I started to learn packaging, and I got involved with the bug triaging project, and I hope to continue both of those things long term.


Myth Games – the site I run which offers game reviews and news, moved to a new server this year.  I’m working on ironing out some bugs and adding some new site features which should make it easier to update and to add new content.  The site move and the associated downtime killed our traffic in the short term,but it’s going back up, and I hope it will exceed it’s former traffic levels by the time E3 (the biggest trade show in the industry) comes around again.

We missed E3 last year because of my health issues.  Hopefully that won’t happen again in 2010.


I have a lot of respect for people who can write fiction. I’m working on a couple of short stories, but I have a lot to learn in that regard.  I didn’t take part in NANOWRIMO this year, and that’s something I regret.  Rather than delay the whole thing until next November, I think I’ll have an unofficial NANO sometime in the spring – anything to get me writing, and get over this fear of fiction.

Legends Reborn is still in progress.  It’s a mammoth project, though, so I’m not expecting to have much to show for it until this time next year. I have a couple of betas lined up, but I don’t want to pull them in until I know what *I* want to do, because I fear too many changes will burn them out.


I got my provisional driving license recently, and I plan on learning to drive in the spring.  The weather is far too bad (icy / dark / wet) to learn at the moment.  I will be taking an advanced course, assuming I pass, so that I have an idea how to handle such weather.  I just don’t want my first experience of handling a vehicle to be skidding off the road!

That concludes my wrap-up. The other participants in the blog chain are listed below. Please do take a look at them, and wish them all well for next year!

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10 responses to “2009 Wrap Up

  1. Your doctor makes such a big difference, doesn’t it?! I’m glad you’ve found better docs and I hope it makes your next year even better. Congrats also on publishing your first book! I hope the driving course goes well. Driving/having a car makes such a difference in your independence and time management. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a pretty busy year! Best of luck for 2010.

  3. Three cheers for good doctors for one’s health is everything. I know of what I speak for I have had my share of ill-health and because of that I’m glad you are feeling better. I also hope you get the membership you so want from Ubuntu. Continued success with you game site and every happiness to you with all else.

  4. I’m glad you were able to find great doctors. My mom has had the same sorts of problems with her current doctors, ignoring her when she was sick and at times making her feel like they were just waiting for her to die or something. I’m encouraging her to switch to another clinic where they do remember patients are human too.

    Congrats on getting that first book published! Now be honest…did you run around the house like a crazy person when you got the news? 😀 I think its really cool that you are getting to both work in and write in an area of interest, and working with O’Reilly is amazing! They are generally the publisher we turn to first when we’re looking for new tech books on something, because we know the stuff they release will generally be just what we need. BTW, there are NaNo style events in June (WriDaNoJu), July (JulNoWriMo), and August (AugNoWriMo), if the community idea would be useful. 🙂 There is also JanNoWriMo – in January, which is a little more loosely done.

  5. Good for you for all of it! Kudos on taking charge of your health and writing and good luck with the drivers license!

  6. Thanks for all your comments! I had no idea there were so many NaNos! I was only aware of NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I’ll certainly try one of the others.

    Claire, I hope you recover soon, or if you have already recovered, you stay healthy.

    Collectonian – it’s great you’re fighting your mum’s corner. I really hope you find some that can look after her.

    I did indeed run around the house bouncing and cheering 🙂 I’ve developed an obsession with amazon rankings, too.

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  8. What a wonderful year filled with life’s many challenges.
    Sounds like you involved yourself in every way and that was evident in the experiences shared.
    Have a wonderful year ahead.

  9. Good doctors are amazing. I don’t trust any doctor, so you’re lucky.

  10. Your former residence must have been in my neck of the woods because the doctors around here are really terrible! 🙂

    Congratulations on having your book published!

    All the best for the coming year!

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