Monthly Archives: October 2010

Multiverse Server Running Slowly?

If you’re wondering why I vanished for a while, I suffered several hardware failures within a short space of time, which eventually led to a trashed hard drive, and a reinstall of Windows, and painful scrambling to find backups (yes, at least I do take backups!).

I used the failures as an excuse to do an upgrade. With a faster processor, faster memory (and more of it), I expected my new PC to fly, and most of the time, it did, except for one thing.

When it came to setting my Multiverse development environment up again, I found that it was crawling. At first I thought it was my fault – the world I’m working on is a little complicated, and while it doesn’t have a huge number of mobs or models, I had been working on some timer based stuff and I was willing to accept that I may have done something to bring my world to a screeching hault.

I really couldn’t see anything, though, so I decided to re-download SampleWorld and see how that performed. That crawled too. It took over a minute to start, several minutes to log in, and the client would pretty much hang if you tried to do anything. The culprit turned out to be Google Desktop Search.

Since I’m using Windows 7 my first thought was to check that everything was running as admin, I even tried compatibility mode (you don’t actually need to run Multiverse or the server in compatibility mode, but it’s one of those things I always try, out of habit). After that I triple checked that I had the right versions of Java, Python, and MySQL, and graphics drivers, etc.

I finally pinned the poor performance on Google Desktop Search after I started closing things. If you believe task manager, Google Desktop Search just sits there doing nothing most of the time, but as soon as I turned it off, the server stopped lagging. I’ve uninstalled it now. To be honest I don’t know why I installed it when I did the rebuild, it’s not something I normally use – and if my experience is representative of how the program usually works, I don’t think it ever will be!