About Me

Lesley Harrison is a games journalist and tech author.  She has more than ten years experience in I.T related fields, including systems administration, network security, and programming.  She is an avid gamer, and is interested in promoting the use of games and technology in education.

Lesley Harrison is the owner of the gaming web site Myth-Games.com, and a tech author and reviewer for Packt Publishing.  Her first book, “WordPress-MU 2.7 Beginner’s Guide“, was published in October 2009.

She is currently working on her second book, TortoiseSVN Beginner’s Guide.

Her recent projects include:

Author, WordPress-MU 2.7 Beginner’s Guide, Packt Publishing, Oct 2009

Technical Reviewer, Joomla 1.5 Customization by Daniel Champan, Packt Publishing, Aug 2009

Technical Reviewer, Ubuntu Up and Runnung by Robin Nixon, Orielly, Apr 2010

Lesley is available for interviews and public speaking.  If you would like to contact her, please use this contact form.


One response to “About Me

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