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Rapid game development with PyGame

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of ideas, and not enough time to implement them.

I’m working on a long term project using the Multiverse MMORPG engine, but the project in question is huge in scope – and although I’m making slow but steady progress, there’s not much to actually SHOW anyone yet.

So, I’ve set myself a challenge – to develop a game a month in PyGame.  I’m not talking about any huge games, just some simple stuff – a flashcard based learning game, a Snake clone, a card matching game, that sort of thing.

The reasoning behind this project is that it will allow me to improve my Python programming skills, whilst building up a portfolio of those all-important finished projects.

This month, I’m experimenting with the basics of PyGame – creating screens, moving sprites, playing sound, etc.  Next month, I’ll get to work on a game project, and post my progress as I go.