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Great BuddyPress Network Example

I’ve been doing some random surfing, looking for some inspiration for my book on WordPress-MU and Buddypress, and I found a very well designed social network for real estate people, WannaNetwork.

The site looks professional, is cleanly laid out, and manages to escape the ‘Just another WordPress site’ look which devalues so many other sites out there.  Not that there’s anything wrong with WordPress – it’s a great blogging solution, but I always cringe when it’s obvious that bigger sites are using it.  Seriously, it doesn’t take much to tweak the layout to make it your own, and you don’t have to sacrifice usability in the process.

If you’re after some ideas for what a BuddyPress network could look like, and some of the features it can offer, WannaNetwork is a very good starting point in my opinion.